From the Heart of ENDOR

Me lords and ladies
From the baser to the exhalted
I bid you greetings with great joy
For I have come to welcome you all
To adventure into the world of magic
Where life is filled with great wonder
And love is more than simple pleasures
We build our hearts to enrich your lives

And humble ourselves as loving servants
Giving to you great wealth and abundance
By encouraging you to do your very best
In living your life as it was meant to be
Forever growing in tolerance and good will
For there is no greater magic in existance
Help me to reach out unto all you meet

Showing your great worth as powerful wizards
By accepting each other for who we are
And not for who we think we all should be
Be kind to yourselves with that same acceptance
Love the beauty that you hold within
And watch your magic grow with each new day

(c) JRGarland jan2010
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